ValueLabs: Integrated Process to Support Continuous Delivery, Automation and Agile Functioning

Arjun Rao, CEO

DevOps forms the foundation of Digital transformation, playing a vital role from the development to the production deployment phases. As companies plan to develop products faster, it’s imperative for them to leverage newage technologies, such as Cloud, IoT, and Mobility among others. DevOps is enabling companies to automate their delivery pipeline and continuously integrate and deploy without any hassles. Since it aids faster deployment, it helps organizations automate and achieve operational efficiency.

DevOps and Agile Technology
ValueLabs has expertise in end-to-end DevOps approach, comprising continuous assessment and integration, continuous release and deployment, as well as continuous delivery operations. They also help in automating all stages of software develop-ment, which brings increased business agility and improves software quality.

ValueLabs offers a wide range of unique features to customers with real implementation experiences. They use agile methodology, along with DevOps for quicker time to market. Being agile, the clients are able to see quick results and also take quicker decisions which enable a fail-fast system in case of new product/project roll-outs. DevOps brings overall automation to the table such as ‘Infra as code’ for quicker infrastructure setup, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment along with integration to Unit/Functional/ Performance test suites for quality releases and zero downtime deployments, as well as Continuous Monitoring to
check the health of the system. Overall automation reduces release cycle time and eliminates human errors, thus bringing in quality and quicker time-to-market, thus bringing in better CSAT/resource savings.

Certain practices under taken by ValueLabs aid in easier resolution of application/network issues. These are reviewing the client’s architecture, maintaining the central code, automating robotically, providing learning facilities and mandatory courses to employees, and innovating and planning iterations that can be used for generating newer solutions or upgrading the existing ones.

Arjun Rao, the Founder and CEO of ValueLabs, on the company’s approach to DevOps says, “The first step was to introduce a new organization and team structure. We reorganized the product and technology into cross-functional teams, which are refactored into a discrete set of services and applications. With the Service Oriented Architectures(SOA) the team could focus on product stewardship and technical department reduction to drive quality improvements. New agile management techniques and automation tools were introduced, helping the team manage programs better as well as automate integration and deployment on a continuous basis”.

These practices are helping the company predict costs effectively. To inspect and adapt the activities on release of every product, they have yearly planning systems to establish vision and key feature briefs that are beneficial to customers and business. They also conduct bi-weekly sprint Demo and daily stand-up meetings with all the project stakeholders. All of these practices come together to benefit customers as they enable ValueLabs to execute the automation suites approximately eight times a day with a 92% reduction in automation execution time. Custom software is designed specifically for unique circumstances that provide the best solution to clients’ problems. This software can be easily modified and expanded over years and can offer competitive advantage.

Future Roadmap
ValueLabs aims to aid in transformation for existing clients, with a plan to make continuous integration and continuous delivery mandatory. They are initiating automated testing and continuous monitoring for all the projects.